IMG_0210Hi There!

I’am a Postdoc Data Science at the Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science (LIACS) at Leiden University. Here, I work on the multidisciplinary D-Act-Wheels project to improve energy expenditure estimation for wheelchair users.

Previously, I finished my PhD in psychometrics at the Department of Psychology, Child and Education Studies (DPECS) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. My PhD thesis titled ‘Testing in Higher Education: Decisions on students’ performance” focuses on decisions made both at the curriculum level and the course level. In the first part the main focus mainly lied on an evaluation of allowing compensation in a first-year bachelor program in the binding study advice (BSA) decision, evaluating possible consequences and the accuracy of such a decision rule. In the second part focus was on estimating students’ true scores on individual course tests, comparing methods to correct for guessing on multiple choice tests and comparing methods to determine the cutscore and transform test scores to grades.

Besides data science and psychometrics my research interests include meta-science related topics (publication bias, good research practices), experimental & cognitive psychology, and applied statistics.

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